Five cameras on a Nokia phone! Nokia 9 PureView.

Mobile World Congress (2019) All global mobile brands are very busy expressing their latest devices. Meanwhile, Nokia brought the 5 cameras Nokia 9 PureView. What’s on the Nokia 9 PureView? Let’s take a look.

At first I started with the camera. Because the most interesting aspect of Nokia 9 PureView is its 5 Rear Camera. Each rear camera is 12 megapixels and aperture 1.8 but only 2 cameras will be shot in color and the remaining 3 monochrome sensors will be used. Which together can capture 10 times more light than other normal smartphone cameras.

According to Nokia, each camera will shoot pictures separately, and at the end, all of them together will publish a single image which will be very perfect. As a result, it can be said that it is a smartphone camera that will add new dimensions to pictures and details of colors. There is also a 3D TOF sensor that creates high-fidelity gap maps for the rendering of the Shaleo DePath of Field. A 20-megapixel lens is used only in the front camera.



  • Nokia’s 5 cameras are interesting that its chipsets do not support more than three cameras at the same time. Using a Lux Capacitor Camera Control Chip, a company called “Lite”, the combination of five sensors simultaneously combines Nokia with their PureView. Even the final unit of Final Production also found eye-blurred pictures from the sample unit.

Pureview’s camera technology will bring smartphone cameras to a unique height. Although it takes very little time for a normal smartphone camera to take a picture, it will take about 10 seconds to take a picture of Nokia 9 with its five cameras. But the picture will give you lots of detail and color.

The display has been used as a 5.99-inch P-oleed panel with 1440 * 2880 pixels, which is supported by 16M color and has been shown in Corneal Gorilla Glass 5. The display has all-on-the-go and HD features. For power supply there is a non-removable battery whose ratings are at 3320 mph Empire Hour, which seems a little less for this display and 2 for resolution.

It has 18 watt chargers, which are supported by Quick Charge 3. There will be more features like wireless charging with USB power delivery. There is no 3.5mm audio output jack. Android Paid Baseed Google’s own Android One will be the OS and the 10-nanometer snapdragon 845 chipsets are available in hardware. Adreno 630 as GPU

Nokia 9 PureView Security System has an in-display fingerprint sensor with an IP 67 water rating.

There will be both single SIM or hybrid dual SIM facility (Nano SIM) with 4G connectivity. Internal storage will be 128 Gb, Externally Expandable up to 512 GB and 6 GB RAM for system handles.

From the beginning of March of this year, the phone will be available at the market, which is priced at 699 US Dollars, which is approximately 59000 taka (excluding VAT) of Bangladeshi price. When compared to the price comparison, I would say the price is in the strong zone.

In all, this was the Nokia 9 Short News. Do you think the monsters of these five cameras? Let us know in the comment box.

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