Oppo Used Periscope in Their Smartphone To Make Their Users Surprised.

Approximated by Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress 2015, an event called “Innovation Event”, where Oppo announced their first five G smartphone and demonstrated the 10 x Lollas Zoom technology. With the help of this technology, images can be taken up to 10 times more than the primary camera, and no data loss is lost.

Previously, the Apollo 5X hybrid Zoom technology showed the 2017 Mobile World Congress. But using 5 x hybrid zoom technology, no mobile market was brought. However, there is a total assurance that Apache will have the next 5G devices that will have 10x or 10x lasalas zooming technology.

Ideas are likely to be available on this device called Oppo Find X2 or Final Z. Snapdragon 855 Chipset and Qualcomm X50 Network Modem will be used for the convenience of Five G.



This device with a triple camera will have a 48 megapixel camera sensor which is supposed to be Sony IMX 586 sensor, an 8 megapixel camera sensor will be for Ultra wide angle photo and another camera will be 12 mega pixel telephoto lenses with 10 x lasle zoom technology.

  • But this is not a common telephoto lens. Because of the normal telephoto lens, the size of the camera module was larger than the size of the whole phone if it wanted to make 10 x laceless zoom. So the submarine submarine will work according to the structure of the perisse used in the submarine vessels, which will operate on its 10 x lace zoom system. As a result, the light from the camera opening will reach the camera sensor parallel to the side of the mirror rather than straighten it.


Officially this flagship device will come to market in the month of April-June. You can see some pictures using their 10x lasal zoom technology on prototype mobile from this link from Google Drive.

In the future, this kind of technology seems to be seen in Samsung’s devices. Because 10 x laceless zoom technology has been developed for Appur, a company called “Corephotonics” and Samsung bought the company for 155 million US dollars a few days ago. In addition to the 10 XLosellous Zoom, this company has 25X Lossless Zoom technology.

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