At a glance AMD’s CES 2019 Key-Note!

For the past several years, many speculations were on the AMD’s 2019 CES note-note. Many of these ideas were made by the AMD of the GPU announces of the Ryan 3000 series CPU and the Navi Architecture GPU. Finally, after the AMD Keynote, a lot of frustration and ambiguity in the mind of all PC anthusiasts.

AMD Chairman and CEO said. Just like Lisa Su forever, with her beautiful presentation, she watched almost a half hour viewers, but there were two prominent announcements for PC hardware lovers: a preview of Raidon 7 graphics card and Ryan 3000 (Ryzen 3000).

First, let’s start with Radion 7. AMD has introduced many new Navi GPU’s announcement to the world as their BIG GPU Unveiling, with Radion 7 graphics card introduced. The Radion 7 graphics card, made using AMD’s new 7-nanometer process, has 16 GB HBM 2.0 memory and 60 compute units. AMD claims that the card will match its compatitor Nvidia’s RTX 2080. They also claim that in popular games, their previous flagship card will perform 25-40% better than the VGA 64. Besides, AMD’s claim that 25% of the best performance can be found in Premier Pro, Da Vinci Risalve, Blender-based productivity programs.



The AMD Stage is intended to show the power of Radion 7, anvilized Devil May Cry 5 game runs on 4K and Max graphics settings. It has been found that the game average is running at 100+ FPS. They also play a gameplay video and watch the Unrealized The Division 2 game.

The reference design of this card has been used in Triple Fan Design. The card has been priced at $ 699. But the Division 2 game will be bundled with the card at this price. The card will be officially released on February 7.



How the card performs in real-time real life gaming can be understood by watching the reviews of future reviewers. We will send you updates as soon as the card release is released.

Let’s now come in the words of the Ryan 3000 series CPU. To tell the truth, AMD has not said anything specific about their note-notes. At the end of the keynote only, an engineering sampling of one of the Ryan 3000 CPUs, which has eight physical cores and 16 threads, compares the Intel Core I 9 – 9900K (stock) ‘s ThinkTrain and CPI score of 15 . After running this Benchmark in real time, it can be seen that the system has scored 9900 for the system 2040, where AMD’s Secret is able to score this CPU T2057.

Though the number seems to be lower, the difference between 17 points and Sinful difference in Sinchinch is fairly simple. Moreover, the CPU is still in the development stage, when it will be released during this year, then what exactly can be understood?



In addition, AMD on stage AM Forza Horizon scored 4 in this CPU. Radion 7 is used as a GPU But it is absurd to verify the performance of other CPUs and the price of the CPU, without knowing the price, where we do not know how RADIAN performs with 7 other CPUs.

Apart from this, we also learned about the Ryan 3000 series. According to AMD’s announcement, this series will be the first PCIe 4.0 in the world.

We did not know any more information about this CPU.

But what we know is that the CPUs of the Rising 3000 series will use AMD’s 7nm Jen 2 architecture.

In addition to these two products, AMD discusses their second-generation EPYC processor with a few minutes. For the server, this 64 core, 128 thread CPU will perform the equivalent of Intel’s Everest and 8180 server processors, as well. Lisa Sue claimed.

However, this announcement of new technology has always stimulated the tech entrepreneurs like us. Hopefully, after the release of AMD’s Radion 7 and Rising 3000 series we do not have to be frustrated. And the server-like aspects should be improved even though we are more interested in scientific research, developer and backend service providers De I than general consumers like us.

Updated: May 10, 2019 — 2:00 pm

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