Alienware – GPU can be upgraded!

Dell has shown a number of new laptops in their CES 2015. However, the most attractive laptop among them is Alienware Area-51m.

Dell’s new Alienware series’s Area-51m laptop has opened a whole new direction in the world of upgradability. Generally, the desktop is always ahead of laptops, the chance of upgradability is the opportunity. Alienware brought this area-51m to the desktop with a lot of difference.


The laptop in the past did not have to be upgraded component. But all the laptops we’ve seen so far had the opportunity to upgrade to RAM and storage only. Some of the laptops on hand might have upgraded the processor to the desktop processor, but it also does not make it possible for ordinary users to upgrade a number of times. Alienware Area-51m laptop has been prepared keeping in mind the upgradability. And the biggest step in this case is that the users get a chance to upgrade to the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU).

The gravity of gaming laptops was the biggest weakness in this game, because the new generation processor or more RAM affects gaming performance, the GPU of the new generation is much more influential than that. So if the GPU is not upgraded, today’s laptops are considered to be top-end and within a few years it will fall behind other new laptops.

Prior to that, Nvidia had begun giving users the opportunity to upgrade their GPU using their MXM series card. But that initiative was not so fruitful. How Alienware’s initiative is so rewarding, so now it is a matter of seeing.

Dell’s initiative is that this facility will create and market these new GPU modules themselves. For this reason, users can directly upgrade their GPU from their laptop manufacturing company, they do not need to wait for any GPU module of any other company.

Also Dell is adding GPU chips to their own PCB design, so users can not only use NVIDIA GPU, but also can use any GPU Provider Chip. For this reason, future users may want to use AMD, Nvidia, or Intel (Upcoming) GPU in the future.



The Alienware Series’s Area-51m laptop has 4 (four) of RAM slots, so you can now use up to 64 GB of RAM. You can also use two M.2 slots as a storage and a mechanical 2.5 “hard drive. Currently laptops can be configured with the highest Intel’s i9-9900k and Nvidia RTX 2080.

The laptop will get official release on January 29. Base configurations will cost 2549 USD.

Updated: May 10, 2019 — 2:04 pm

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