Samsung’s New smart shoes after Xiaomi.

In the end of February is going to be held in Barcelona, ​​MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2019, the ceremony may be open to Samsung’s smart shoes

In August 2012, Samsung submitted its smart shoe patent to Korean KIPO (Korean Intellectual Property Office). Which got approval on 27 December, 2018.



But with smart shoe, Samsung introduced the first MWC 2016 in IOFIT. Which was created with the aim of golf players.

But the upkeep of smart shoes will be made by the runners, which allows the runners to take their feedback from the exercise of the common people. It is believed that this smart shoe could have the use of GPS technology. According to the mobile destination, this smart shoe will send signals to the right-left road through vibration.



Also known as “Samsung Mobile” will work with this smart shoe “Samsung Watch”.

Many people may wonder, “Why did Samsung start a shoe business in their mobile business?”

To answer this question, first of all, “Samsung Mobile” is just a small part of “Samsung”.
And there is no relation to “Samsung Mobile” with smart shoe.

Samsung is a multinational company. According to Wikipedia’s data, there are eight divisions. The two divisions of the eight divisions are “Samsung Electronics” and the other is “Samsung C & T Corporation”

This “Samsung Electronics” has five parts. In which the “Samsung Tele-Communications” part of the smartphone is made. On the other hand, part of Samsung’s “Samsung C & T Corporation” section is the “Samsung C & T Fashion Division” which debuted on IFA 2015 with the demo display of their smart dress “The Humanfit”.

Originally, Samsung’s “Samsung C & T Fashion Division” has created smart shoes with the help of “Samsung Electronics”. What do you think about this shoe? Xiaomi or buy Samsung? Can share with us!

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