3300 USD Price of Huawei Mate X Folding SmartPhone.

Huawei released the first of its first handheld Huawei Mate X after Roole and Samsung. However, Mate XE is the first foldable device that has the fifth-generation networking facility.

Now what’s on this Huawei Mate X? Let’s take a look at the glance.

The specialty of Huawei Mate X is that it can also be folded as a normal smartphone. In its folded, its screen size is 6.6 inches and Un-folded 8 inches, which is bigger than Samsung galaxy folds. Whose resolution is 2480 * 2200 The Olead panel used on display. The back-side 6.38-inch display can also be used while folded.

Most likely, Android will be available as OS and the hardware has 7 nanometer kirin 980 processor balloon’s 5000 chips which is 5g supported. Considering performance aspects, it will not disappoint you.

The camera will also have the look of the sticker. Here are the layers’ new camera systems. There is no official information about how many cameras are there, how many megapixel cameras are there. No camera bumper in camera While taking photos with a main camera, you will be able to see the 6.38 inch camera on the back side, which allows you to fix your hair, face etc.



Falcon Wing Hing is used to fold, which will help keep Mate X completely flat, and its thesis will be only 5.4 millimeters. There are 100 components inside the Hing that will protect Flexibility of Mate X.

MET X’s security system has fingerprint sensor, which is connected to the power button. And it will supply the power on two sides with two non-removable batteries, which is rated at 4500 ml Empire Hour, which can be charged 85 minutes by 30 minutes with inlet 55W USB 3.1 C type adapter. In short, it can be called a complete package.



Dual SIM devices will have the biggest surprise at 4G, 3G, 2G with 5G network technology. While SIM 1 will support only 5G and the speed will be the maximum of 4.6 Gbps, by which a movie of 1 GB can be downloaded in just 3 seconds and the other slot will be a hybrid where NM card or Nano SIM can be used. Internal storage will be 512 GB of memory and 8 GB of RAM will handle the whole device.

Special feature:

  • Fifth-generation network Super slim
  • Super Fast Charge Facility
  • Laptop charging facility with packet adapter.
  • Samsung Galaxy Fold is ahead in many aspects, Met X 5X Connectivity, 55 Watt
  • Fast Charging and More Battery and Super Thick Design, in this direction, Met X has tremendously shaken the market.

From the middle of the year, the phone will be available in the market, which is priced at 3300 USD, of which Bangladeshi price is around Tk. 2,19,000 (excluding VAT). The kidneys need both. You are ready to buy!

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