Future of the wonderful Smart Auto cars!

The light of the city began on January 8, in Las Vegas, on January 11th, the first of the tech lovers, and the world’s largest festival CES or Consumer Electronic Show. The Las Vegas Convention Center could not be called a set of Saifai movies for those three days, but he could not be blamed. Because, for three days, this festival was shown in the festival, from a few TVs to upgradable laptops to Quadrotter Taxi, many new and wonderful technology products.

Because I was a car driver myself, I was more focused on cars shown on CES. For many years, there have been some remarkable improvements in the world of debate-driven cars or autonomous cars. The world’s leading car manufacturers have been introduced with unmanned car, ensuring maximum comfort and uninterrupted facilities.

Let’s see what they have shown in the CES 2019A-

Nissan IMx Kuro: This is the complete driverless and pollution-free crossway car concept (Crossover: SUVs built on the basis of the basic principles of passenger cars, but like the SUV) which is expected to be available in the market by 2020. The outer side of Kuro looks like a normal car, but the panoramic OLED display is on the dashboard inside and the inside of the door has beautiful finishing like a wooden crust.

Audi Aicon: In 2017, this unmanned vehicle was introduced in front of the first sight. The concept, which will begin in 2021, will include four motors and one-time charges of about 435 to 497 miles. Audi’s source said that the car capable of completing 80 percent of the charging capacity in less than 30 minutes. There is no transparent roof in this luxurious car, no accelerator pedal. There is no brake pedal or a steering wheel which dreams of a complete unmanned future.



Mitsubishi Emirai 4: If you see this car released the first time in 2017, it will be as if there was no X-Men coming out of the movie. This car can be run without driver and even with the driver. This concept has been added to the car with 3D mapping enriched Augmented Reality through which the driver and passenger will see a clear three-dimensional image of the external environment, in the inner LCD panel. Other benefits include mobile payment and biometric security facilities. With the advantage of smart home technology, you can control some electronic gadgets in the house, away from the house.

BMW Vision iNext: This car can be called a floating sitting room from the science fiction movie. This unmanned electric luxury car has a touch screen that is hidden beneath wood and skin-made lining and with the help of screen projection in any place inside the vehicle, the support of the Intelligent Voice Assistant. That day is not too far away, while riding in the car comfortably without any thought, the voice assistant and the sensitive smart coffee table can be wandered to the story.



Waymo one: Waymo, under Google’s self-driving project, is separated in 2016, Alphabet Inc. The project started as a subsidiary project. In this year’s CES, they show Wayway One, the name of the minivan concept. To understand the surroundings properly, there are lidar arrays and cameras installed in the ceiling. (LIDAR: Light Detection And Ranging, which works by following the principles of Radar, using lasers). Before starting work in Waymo, nearly 100 people have called for a pilot trip.

Mercedes-Benz CLA: CES 2011 seems to be more timely or affordable for me in all cars shown in the year 2020, Mercedes-Benz CLA 2020 The second-generation caps (small size passenger car) has a semi-autonomous driving system with Hands-free mode. Mercedes’s own invention has been introduced in the MBUX voice control, which allows the passengers to control the air conditioner, to indicate shopping malls or shops for necessary shopping, and suggestion of different places to consider the mental condition of the passengers. Mercedes branded SmartWatch will be available in combination with Vivoactive Germin 3. The car was found to be available in the market last year.

Mercedes-Benz Vision Urbanetic: The Big Boy Mercedes in the automotive world did not stop by upgrading the car. Vision Urbanetic has shown a minibus concept that they are currently in CES. Perfectly unmanned, this minibus is made as a trans-movie car for ride-based taxi or used for transport of goods.



Nvidia Drive Autopilot: NVIDIA has published their newest automated hardware ‘Xavier’, a famous graphics card maker in CES 2011. This drive autopilot hardware can be found on the trunk of the car, the second-stage Autonomie That is, Xavier will be able to help driver Acceleration, Breaking and Steering.

2020 Lincoln Aviator: The 450 horsepower twin turbocharged V6 engine is rich in this hybrid crossway car. One of them is the ability to unlock / unlock with smartphones only without a key. There are also advantages such as Jam Assists, Parking Assists and Adaptive Suspension (as per the requirement that the vehicle suspension can be made firm or flexible). In addition, manual control will add some automatic control feeling to Conserve and Excite mode. For the music lovers, the car has 28-speaker Revel Ultima 3D audio system.

Byton M-Byte and K-Byte: The all-inclusive luxurious SUV that will be available in the year-to-be-ready Byton M-Byte has a full dashboard of about 48-inch touchscreen panels. There is also a small touchscreen display in the steering wheel, and there are also several cameras which will help in Autonomous driving. By 2021, commercially ready work is going to start by the premium sadden by Byton K-Byton. There are 4th Automomous Driving System, which means that the car can run without any help. K-byte like M-Byte has a huge touchscreen display across the dashboard. The car’s driverless mode closed and the ‘LiGuard’ sensors beside it can be kept inside the car. In two vehicles, Byton OS has been connected to Amzon Alexa.



Harley-Davidson LiveWire: Harley-Davidson, the world renowned motorbike manufacturer, has brought its first electric motorbike to the market. Built in GPS, 4G LTE, Dashboard LCD screen and listening to music, Panasonic Automobile has helped create this motorbike. The bike is capable of speeds up to 60 miles / hour in just three and a half seconds. This bike is capable of running approximately 110 miles per hour.

Also, some of the new types of vehicles that were shown at CES include:

Hyundai Elevate: A lot of real life transformers can be called this car. If the car looks in its front, it can be crossed by using a robot-foot hiding behind its wheels and using it to see if it fits its 5 feet in front of it.

Bell Nexus Air Taxi: The drone and helicopter hybrid was brought to this strange vehicle in this year’s CES. The 150-meter-long Reye-powered airplane is currently under the scanner of Dallas, Dubai and Los Angeles. It’s hoped that it will be released in the market by 2025, its creator ‘Bell’.

Furrion Adonis Yacht: Though talking about the car, it’s not about talking about this yacht. The 78-feet tall luxury smart phone has ‘Voice’ activated Artificial Intelligence, which is able to control all electric activities, entertainment, kitchen appliances, yacht biometric safety camera systems and more. Full Yacht has interactive mirror display, Furrion’s own software-rich television and soundbars. This yacht has its own drone and drone port.



How did this unmanned smart motorcycles? Do you think how fast we can actually use these technologies? Do not forget to share it with everyone.

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