PUBG PC game can be played free from Bangladesh!

PUBG game is currently at the top of popularity in the gaming world. Two versions of Pajzi Games are basically available – namely PUBG Mobile and Pabji PC which is to play on computers and cost to buy. PUBG Mobile has an emulator version so that the users of the low configuration are playing (exceptions). So long as many computer users used to play puja with the emulator, for two reason, no configuration computer or PC version could not be bought.

On the contrary, PUBG Lite’s beta version was unveiled a month ago. This is basically called the compressed version of the PC version. Gameplay and Game Physics are almost like Pizzie PCs, but due to graphics, there is a lot of scope to play properly on low-spec computers. Already being a free game, it was a huge response, among the gamers. In particular the Bangladeshi gamers were waiting for PUBG Lights.



But the beta version was released only for Thailand, because the game was released. So with the help of many techniques using VPN, the gamers could play with lots of high pings. But now there is a happy news for local gamers that Bangladesh has been included in Pabaji Light’s Beta program today. As a result, without any VPN or Third Party Launcher, you can play free on computer in the PUBG Light version. Those who use a Potato PC or Low configuration computer, their pc-pc version will match the taste of the PUBG lights hope. Graphics from the PUBG PC, but with less textures, the puggy light will be much ahead of the emulator. The 4GB RAM and descent processor can be played in the light of the lights.

  • What’s needed to play-
    First you need a computer that has at least the configuration of the image below.
    Then you have to download this link and PUBG Light Beta.
    Prior to this, you have to register from the above website.
    What else are you looking for? Install and login with logs?


  • Who will play fire lights-
    Who used to play Pocket Emulator and did not want to buy the original PC version of the dollar.
    Potato could not afford to buy pc, but who could buy it.
    Those who are poor in terms of skill, but friends did not buy Pabji PC, they all used to play in the emulator.
  • Who will not play fire lights?
    Those who have seen the rackel of the PUBG PC and fly back to the sky, and will go back to the emulator.
    Those who play a difficult gameplay and now hacking the hackers, the PUBG PC lights will scandal.
    Those who stay away from me like potatoes, carrot-ray computer and not.


Because the beta version is currently in the game, many hackers and short-term server maintenance can be found at the moment of the game. For the above link, the news section will be available for updates. There is no doubt about the kind of VPN problem that can be played with PUBG PC Lights, for the native gamer brothers. Do not forget to download everybody and do not forget to give your experience in the comments box. This news from PUBG Lights has helped you with the game screenshots to help you find a native brother of a gambler who gets here. So the PUBG Emulator players come quickly and earn a PUBG Light game and share the post with your Pabuji Emulator Players’ Friend on the way of light.

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