Sony’s New Mirrorless Camera Review & My Opinion.

The Sony Alpha 6400 Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera, which was released several hours earlier, is called the best friend to be a Vlogger. Why? What does it take to be a friend of vloggers, which is A6400?

The latest addition to Sony’s MirrorLine lineup includes the A6400 touch screen which can rotate 180 °. With which the wizard can turn the screen on its own while filming, how he looks on the screen, and can change framing and settings according to the need very quick and easy. Although there are several points and shots and DSLR cameras, this facility is better for the quality and features of Sony cameras, and better than the same price DSLR, Sony Entrelevel / Midrenge Mirror’s interchangeable lens cameras are always a favorite favorite of vulgar / YouTube / cinematographers.

Another reason for the possibility of A6400 possible friendship with Vulgar and YouTube users is that in addition to the facility of video in 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution, S-Log2 and S-Log3, as a color profile, make dynamic revenues of the video much better and post processing Increasing color grading will increase the chance of working with mixed feelings of mind.

Focus tracking on video will not be a problem because of the fast hybrid autofocus system. Together with the subject, the focal point will change the focus of the subject.



Also the A6400 has been brought to a number of very important features. The A6400’s autofocus capability is called the fastest in the world. This camera is able to focus on tracking subjects in 0.02 seconds. Because of the 4D Focus System, there are 425 autofocus points which are 84 percent of the frame, spreading the entire frame more broadly and focusing on the entire subject of the frame. Using this system, the artificial intelligence is already made by predicting the next step of the subject. A blessing for sports photographers, this issue, which has several Sony powers and some entry-level models.

Keeping focus on the subject is very important in sports photography or in any other case where the subject is moving very fast. Otherwise, the real motive for taking pictures is to become soil. A new type of algorithm is designed to identify the subject, which enables the color, distance, brightness and aspect of the subject to be verified quickly in real time. As a result, wherever moving the subject moving, the focus area will be repeated and the focus will be on the subject.

There is a feature called “Touch Tracking System” which will be used to auto-track the moving subject in the same way by touching the screen after selecting the subject.

At A6400, Continuous shooting mode can take up to 11 pictures per second and in Silent mode 8 pictures can be taken per second. 116 pictures can be taken without any breaks in JPEG standard format and RAW photos can be taken 46.



It is said that the means of communicating with the soul in Portrait is the eye. So, one of the most important things in portraising is to focus on the subject’s eye. The autofocus system, called ‘Enhanced Real-Time Eye AF’ of the A6400, looks out of the human face and focuses perfectly on the eye. When AutoFocus is set in Continuous Mode (AF-C), ‘Enhanced Real-Time Eye AF’ is able to perfectly focus the subject of the subject and the face, even if the face is covered in darkness, if it is illuminated in bright light or face down .

You can set the settings to focus on the right / left side of the eye before placing portrait in 6400. As a result, you can concentrate well on the composition of the photo without focusing on the eyes.

The 24.2-megapixel EXMOR-CMOS sensor has been given in the camera. Bionz-X processor is the image processor. Because the sensor has copper wireing and a good quality circuit system, the processor can take much faster light without overheating. As a result, better images can be found without increasing ISO. The ISO rays of 6400 are 32,000 which can be increased to 102,400.



The image processing algorithm borrowed from Sony’s Pro-level Full-frame camera has been added to A6400 A.D. As a result, Pro-level color science will be available for a lot of money. However the 6400 does not have any in-image image stabilization or IBIS.

The camera can be found in the market in late February. The only bidi for the product is 900 USD. Buying with 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 kit lenses will cost $ 1,000 and if you want to buy a better kit lens such as 18-135mm F3.5-5.6 lenses, it costs $ 1300. Do not forget to mention that Sony’s Mirror Camera has no interest in you.

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